We are extremely proud to have so many players develop their soccer education within our club and then transitioning to the professional or pro academy level. Working their way through our programs and following our club curriculum is paramount to their education. Developing the very core fundamentals before moving on to more technical movements, and advancing to more tactical and dynamic possession based approach to the beautiful game.
It is always sad to see our athletes move on from our club, but it makes us very proud when they move to the highest level they can attain to. They represent our club, our philosophies, they mirror our developmental coaches appreciation and understanding of the game and above all else, when a player leaves SA United, they leave as wonderful human beings, prepared and ready to take on the world.
SA United Soccer Club - Bryce Tober
Bryce Tober
U.S., Austin FC, MLS Academy
SA United Soccer Club - Fabrizio Bernal
Fabrizio Bernal
U.S., San Antonio FC
SA United Soccer Club - Miguel Leyva
Miguel Leyva
MX, Club América
SA United Soccer Club - Diego Leyva
Diego Leyva
MX, Club América U17
SAU - giovanna ledesma.png
Giovanna Ledesma
ES, CF SPA Alicante
SA United Soccer Club - Landry Walker
Landry Walker
U.S., San Antonio FC, MLS Academy
SA United Soccer Club - Mateo Negrete
Mateo Negrete
U.S., San Antonio FC, MLS Academy
SAU - luis green.png
Luis Green
U.S., 2X  All American
SA United Soccer Club - Ayden Jindandji
Ayden Jindandji
U.S., San Antonio FC, MLS Academy
SAU - mateo machado.png
Mateo Machado
U.S., San Antonio FC, MLS Academy
SAU - landon villareal.png
Landon Villareal
U.S., San Antonio FC, MLS Academy
Are you interested in joining a modern developmental soccer club in South Texas? We offer multiple levels of play for all age ranges, from youth recreational, through to our competitive seniors, there is always somewhere for you to learn the beautiful game at SA United.

Why choose San Antonio United Soccer Club? Quite simply because we are different to other youth soccer clubs and we care.


We care about:

  • You! You and your development. Not just as a player but as a person. We want you to become the very best version of yourself on and off the field. We believe soccer can help players learns a variety of life lessons which will serve them well out in the world

  • Community! We strongly believe in giving back. We are blessed to be able to work and live in a fantastic community. There are some amazing causes in our area and we love being able to use our platform to support our local charities

  • NOT putting results before development. Sure, we want to win and compete as much as the next team and club, but to do so at the detriment of developing good players and people? No thanks. We create a fun and challenging environment where players are free to make mistakes without coaches being overly critical. We see mistakes as part of the learning process.

  • Our staff and their development. We are constantly sharpening the saw and providing education opportunities for our staff. If we can help our staff to be better and understand that it is important we always strive to improve, then this is only going to make our players better.

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Our Recreational program offers a low-cost, fun, creative and non-stressful environment, to not only develop soccer players, but for every player to participate on a team, regardless of their interest or ability.


Q. If my child really enjoys the program, are there any options for movement into the other club programs? 

A. Yes of course. We actually have players who have excelled in the program and then progressed into our Academy and Junior programs to further their development.


Players moving into the Senior program begin to learn about our competition phase, while we develop them for successful high-school and college careers in sport and study.


Q. How do you help players with their college aspirations and recruitment?

A. With a dedicated program director, we provide each athlete with a guide and athlete profile, outlining a timeline to organize their goals and support them in the recruiting process.


Our Junior program focuses on our athletes learning to compete as a team, developing as an individual, enjoying the pursuit of excellence in a challenging environment.


Q. Entering into the competitive phase of soccer, what can we expect from the program?

A. We offer multiple levels of competitive play, with a club focus and philosophy on developing intelligent, skillful athletes.

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Developing the very fundamentals of soccer, at the earliest time of a child's development, is crucial in their soccer education. 


Q. What does your program offer my young child and why play so early ?

A. Our program has a set curriculum based on ball mastery, and a fun challenging environment to instill a passion and love for the game.


Our Academy program is a fantastic place for young athletes to to continue their soccer education, while constantly challenging and developing their mind and body.


Q. Can we come out to the Sportsplex and see what the environment is like before registering?

A. Of course, we can arrange a free POE for your child and your family to experience our club.