U11 – U19 Tryouts. Fall 2017/Spring 2018




SA United aims to bring players together to form high level teams that will become part of a reputable club! Our educated coaches work within the guidelines of the SA United coaching curriculum which is designed to create a development pathway through the various programs within the club. They are committed to making our young soccer players smarter, stronger and faster to ensure that players develop individual skills, an advanced level of technique, tactical awareness and understanding on the playing field. We impress upon our players the value of a strong work ethic, teamwork, respect toward others, honesty, integrity and perseverance. SA United’s most important philosophy is the need to be part of a club which encourages team and club unity within a challenging and rewarding environment.


Our team of professional and educated coaching staff strive to instill values that not only will last throughout the player's soccer career, but throughout their lifetime. Winning on the soccer field and in life is the result of an exceptional program. We believe that our players will gain that competitive advantage through a quality program of unmatched value.  Train United, Play United, Win United!




SA United Soccer Club is one of the few youth soccer clubs in South Texas to have a full time directing staff working daily in the SA United office, to develop premier level programs for the benefit of our players of all ages. Drawing on their playing and coaching experience from all over the world, the coaches for SA United are committed to making our young soccer players more rounded and prepared athletes and strive to enhance their skills, technique and tactical awareness on the playing field. Our coaches are extremely knowledgeable of the game and hold European and/or licenses with the USSF (United States Soccer Federation) and NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America). Many of the SA United full time staff have previous playing experience at the professional, semi-professional or collegiate levels.


Questions related to all U11 - U19 players, Juniors, and Seniors          


The Tryout Process

Players are required to arrive on time for the tryouts. On-site registration will begin 45 minutes before the tryout start time. On the first day, each player will be given a number. Your player should wear the same number for all of their tryout sessions.  The coaches will have a list of players’ names and numbers. Players will be required to check in each day before each tryout session.


Players will be evaluated through a series of small sided games. The team of staff will consist of two groups: the evaluation team that will watch the players and make team selections and the training team that will run the tryouts for effective evaluations. Parents are not allowed on the field of play during the tryouts and are asked not to communicate with their players during this time.


How do I know if my player made the team?

Following the tryouts, the coaches will meet to discuss the individual players. The coaches will decide which players will be assigned to which teams. All new players that have been successful in making a team will be called or emailed. Returning players will also be called or emailed. Once offers have been made, players will have 24 hours to accept the offer, complete the online registration and pay the commitment fee. If a player is offered a spot, parents will need to follow the steps below to secure a roster spot.


If my player is selected for a team, what do I need to do next?     

  • After your player attends tryouts and is offered a roster spot, we will send you the registration link for your player's team.
  • Log in and proceed through the simple registration process.
  • Login on the left with "Easy Register" if you already have a Got Soccer account.  If not, create your account at the right side of the page.
  • Select your payment option and payment method-- we will accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover,  American Express, and e-checks.
  • You're all set for the year! Remember, players need to be registered within 24 hours of receiving an offer. Players not registered within this time may lose their roster spot to another player.

Can my child play up an age group?
Players are selected for teams based on a number of developmental criteria. We do not typically have players play up an age group, however, there are some cases where we may make exceptions. We aim to challenge our players, so therefore, in some circumstances, our coaching staff may invite younger players to train with older players and teams as part of the developmental process. All these decisions are made by the SA United Technical Staff with the best interest of the player always taken into consideration.  

Will all the teams have coaches?

Every team will be assigned a licensed and experienced coach. The coach will be responsible for all training sessions and game day operations.

Who will manage our team?

Each team will have a parent manager. The manager will be the point of contact for the team and will help the players and parents with all registrations, tournaments, communications etc. Our team managers are responsible for administrative duties for the team. They are in no way involved with coaching players. If you are interested in becoming a team manager, please contact Rhonda Sayre at saunitedsayre@gmail.com.



Where will we train?

SA United will have teams training at the STAR Soccer Complex, 5103 David Edwards Drive, 78233 and at our home facility, the GVTC Communications Sportsplex located at 29064 Bulverde Rd, 78260. Please note, players will be placed on teams according to skill level first and then we will take into consideration the preferred training location.


How many times a week do teams train, and how long are the sessions?

Division One, USC, SCL and Premier teams will train three times per week in the fall season. S2 and D2 teams will train at least twice per week with some additional 3rd night training opportunities. Players are expected to attend all of their team sessions. If for some reason your son or daughter misses their team’s session, they need to make up a session with another team of the same or similar age group. There will also be additional free sessions for goalkeepers.


What will my child wear to practice?

All players are required to wear their gold SA United training shirt, black Adidas shorts, black Adidas socks, shin guards and cleats to practice. Players also need to bring a ball and plenty of water to every practice session.


Where are home games played?

Home game locations are determined by the league that your son or daughter’s teams play in. The majority of our teams play their home games at our home facility, the GVTC Communications Sportsplex. Maps and directions can be found at the club website: www.saunitedsoccer.com.


Will there be much travel involved?

Division 2 games are within San Antonio and surrounding areas. Super II and Division 1 games may involve some travel to Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Corpus Christi and occasionally Eagle Pass. USC, State Classic and Premier teams may be required to travel further depending on the teams who have qualified into these brackets.


Is my child guaranteed playing time?           

Super 2 and Division 2 players will play a minimum of 50% of every game. Division 1 and higher level teams have no minimum requirements (with the exception of U11s and U12s) however; we encourage our coaches to play each player at least 50% of every game when possible.


What is expected from parents?

Parents are expected to be parents and not coaches. Parents should support their players in an encouraging and appropriate manner. They should make sure their player is at practices, games and tournaments on time. Parents agree to abide by the club’s rules and code of conduct (available on our website and signed electronically when registering with the club)

Cost and Uniform

It is important that parents realize that should players choose not to play in the spring season, you will be charged the full amount. We are making a commitment to you just as much as you are to the club. Players moving out of town and players that are injured long term will be the only exceptions to this rule.






How much does it cost to play for SA United?

SA United’s fee structure is different to many of the other clubs in town, and as a parent it is important that you do your research to find out exactly what your monthly fee includes. At SA United we work hard to avoid constantly having to go to our parents for more money. As such, our monthly fees will include all of the following: training fees, admin fees, awards, pre-season camp, league and most cup entry fees, registration fees, insurance, game cards, referees, game fields, coaches travel for out of town league games. Field usage fees for training will be charged once in October and again in February. Field usage fees are currently set at $125 per season. These will be drafted automatically from your debit/credit card or can be paid in full by choosing payment option “Pay in Full”.


**Please speak with the staff at the registration tables**


Fees can be paid in full or through our monthly payments through Got Soccer


How does our fee structure differ to that of other clubs?

We have worked hard to keep our fees competitive while ensuring that we provide the very best in value. We offer an all-inclusive fee structure which may make your monthly draft slightly higher than some other clubs, but it means that we are not nickel and diming our parents for money throughout the year.


A couple of examples to help you understand:

  1. League entry fees for certain levels can be as much as $600/1200 per team. With SA United, this fee is covered in your monthly club dues while some clubs will split this between the players on the team when it is time to pay.
  2. Field Usage fee:  some clubs charge in excess of $180 per season for field usage fees which are collected by the manager at the start of EACH season. SA United’s field usage fees are currently set at $125 per season.  This fee will be drafted from your account automatically at a set time….AND we train at the premier facilities in town!
  3. Coaches travel expenses: with SA United we budget to cover the cost of the travel expenses incurred traveling to league games out of town. Some clubs will charge this to the parents on a case by case basis.
  4. Pre-season camp: with SA United we build into your fees a 1-week training camp, a value of $150. Some clubs charge extra for their pre-season camp.


Fees that are not included in your monthly dues:

  • Tournament fees and trainer fees associated with tournaments
  • Some league entry fees and travel costs associated with playing D1 or Higher
  • Uniform
  • Tickets for banquets and other events

Uniform: All players will be required to purchase the SA United uniform. The uniform will be good for Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.  


Uniforms will be ordered directly from the Soccer.com and all fees for the uniform will be paid directly to Soccer.com through their online system. You will receive a uniform order link once you have registered with the club.  Practice shirts are to be purchased directly through our local vendor, The Soccer Factory.





Can I receive financial aid?

SA United has a program set up to help provide financial support for players who need assistance. Scholarships are available based upon need. A completed scholarship application form including a copy of your 2016 or most recent tax return is due by and June 15th 2017 You can download a scholarship application form at www.saunitedsoccer.com.  Please contact Christi Sparrow (210) 478-8046 or christimf@yahoo.com with any questions.


Any other questions?

Please contact the SA United office at (210) 599-4622.


When signing with SA United, you are committing to the fall and spring seasons.

We are committed to providing the best services at a competitive price.


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