Gothia Cup!


The Gothia Cup was arranged for the first time in 1975 and today it most certainly is, not only the biggest, but also the most well known youth football tournament in the world. Naturally we are very proud but at the same time we know that the key for keeping this position is making our guests satisfied and happy. The Gothia Cup is meant to be a meeting place for youth from all over the world. The football is the common denominator and the language that everybody understands. Regardless if you come here to win the tournament or just to make an as good result as possible, you are welcome. Regardless if you come from Zambia, Norway, Laos or Brazil, you are welcome. It is the mixture of teams and participants with different purposes from all over the world that makes the Gothia Cup an absolutely unique tournament.

The Gothia Cup Opening Ceremony has during the years developed to something thatthe guests appreciate more than anything. From the beginning the opening ceremony took place in different places in central Gothenburg, where to all the teams marched behind their nation flag. Along with the growing of the tournament this became impossible to arrange. That is why the opening ceremony in 1989 was moved to Nya Ullevi. At first just half of the arena was being used. Today there is hardly enough place in the whole arena, this in spite of over 50 000 seats. The opening ceremony is a close to two hours long show. The presentation of the participating nations is the standing feature of the show, but usually there are other performances that attract more attention. It isn’t easy to describe the opening ceremony just in words. Music, song, dancing, fireworks, feeling and lots of joy are the ingredients. For us it is all about mixing and composing these ingredients in the best way possible. And judging from the spectators’ reaction we usually manage quite well.



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