SA Premier Alliance

SA Premier Alliance

Center of Excellence

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At SA United Soccer Club, we are always looking for innovative and dynamic ways to help provide our players with additional platforms to elevate their game to the next level. We are dedicated to constantly providing our players with these exciting opportunities. We always want to contribute to the San Antonio soccer environment and work with clubs that share the same philosophies and beliefs regarding player development that we have.

Being part of the ground breaking SA Premier Alliance with NB Ajax, Boerne Thunder, NEYSO Liberty and AHFSH allows us to offer elite players the chance to play at that next level. By working together, we are able to continually help players improve and develop their game, improve coaching education, share ideas and build positive relationships all aimed at making soccer in our area better.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce the next and exciting stage of the SA Premier Alliance, The Center of Excellence!

For more information on the National Premier League, please visit www.nationalpremierleagues.com

Tryouts for the Center of Excellence will be held on June 17th and 18th at GVTC Communications Sportsplex, 6pm-8pm. ***Please note that these tryouts are for members of the Alliance clubs only***. More information will follow shortly, including a town hall meeting on Friday May 16th.

Director of Coaching Martin Smith had this to say about the Center of Excellence: “We are delighted to be a part of this ground breaking initiative. This will allow our players to have the chance to play, train and compete in an additional competitive program which also focuses on long-term player development. The first year will allow our U13 and U14 age groups the chance to attend some high level tournaments and participate in games against some of the top level NPL clubs from Houston. The long term goal is for the Alliance to introduce U13-U17 boys and girls to compete in the National Premier League. We are in the early stages, however, we are excited to have the chance to work with other clubs that share like minded ideas on developing players the right way. We are looking forward to the first year of the center of excellence and moving forward with the Alliance where we can not only develop these players, but provide an identification platform for them as well”. 


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