SAU Announces New Partner Clubs on European Tour

SA United Soccer Club Announces Details for Europe Trip 2014

United Teams up with Elite Club from Virginia

SA United Soccer Club is delighted to announce the details for our Europe Trip 2014. We are also extremely excited to bring you news about building a relationship with a club from Virginia, Roanoke Star Soccer Club.

Roanoke Star Soccer Club is an Elite club from Roanoke, Virginia and was established in 1986 by Executive Director Danny Beamer. Roanoke Star plays in the prestigious Club Champions League, a statewide league against some of the best clubs in Virginia and Maryland and has been taking their teams to Europe since 1992. Over the years they have developed relationships with the Gothia Cup (the world’s biggest youth sporting event!) and more recently, FCN, a professional Danish soccer club from Copenhagen, Denmark.

The European Tour includes a week in Denmark where the players stay with FCN and have the opportunity to train at their top class facilities, tour the ground and meet the professionals! During the week, players can sight see and also play friendly games against Danish teams. After the first week, the players and parents travel to Gothenburg, Sweden where they participate in the world famous Gothia Cup against youth teams from all around the world! In 2011, over 1,567 teams from 72 different nations participated! The Gothia Cup is not only known for being the biggest youth sporting event in the world, it is also known for its fantastic opening ceremonies which rival the Olympic ceremonies and other events including player discos!!

Summer 2014, SA United Soccer Club will be working with Roanoke Star Soccer Club to bring this once in a lifetime experience to our players and parents! Our 99 and 98 Boys and Girls will have the opportunity to visit Denmark and stay in the facilities at FCN, as well as enjoying all the benefits that FCN and Denmark has to offer, we will arrange for friendly games with our new friends at Roanoke Star Soccer Club as well as local competition.  After a week in Denmark, the SA United 99 and 98 teams will then travel to Sweden and play in the Gothia Cup!

Director of Coaching, Martin Smith, who spent four years with Roanoke Star had this to say “Firstly, I want to say thanks to Danny and Roanoke Star for working with us and allowing us to join them on the first leg of the European journey in Denmark. Danny has been going to Denmark and Sweden since 1992 and has a vast amount of experience in putting on this trip for youth players and parents. I have seen firsthand what a wonderful opportunity this is and it really is an amazing two weeks that players and parents will never forget! I also had a very memorable four years working at Roanoke Star and I am excited for SA United to build a relationship with them. This is another fantastic opportunity for our players to experience playing in a different country, against many different styles and to experience a whole new culture! These additional programs will only help us continue our development into better soccer players!”

Executive Director, Jay Sparrow added “This is a fantastic opportunity for our players and I am looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with Roanoke Star and our soon to be new friends in Denmark and Sweden. Over the years we have taken several teams on international tours, but I now feel that we are at a point where these opportunities need to become standard within our program. Next year we will be taking our U15s and U16s and starting in 2015 we will begin taking our U15s on an annual basis. These are exciting times for SA United and I am proud of the work our club is achieving for the players of the San Antonio community”.

Finally, Danny Beamer, the Executive Director at Roanoke Star Soccer Club had a few words to say about the new relationship with SA United “The Roanoke Star Soccer Club is extremely excited to be forming a working relationship with SA United.  The European experience is one players and staff will never forget.  It is amazing to get trained and be around a pro club like FCN and the next week you are playing in the Youth World Cup-Gothia Cup.  We are looking forward to a fantastic partnership with SA United”.



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